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Big Decisions

There can be a lot of serious decisions to make when considering a new home build and at times it may seem overwhelming. That is why a reputable and highly experienced builder is vital to the success of making your dream home a reality. Our knowledge of not only the building industry, but of being on the tools ourselves for over 50 years combined, has given us a unique insight into custom homes for Townsville families.

With Reef Coast Constructions handling your new home, you will be well informed and included in each stage of the new house project. You can rest assured knowing there are skilled professionals and tradesmen working on your home with the same attention to detail and pride for your new house that we would have for ours. From the initial concept and planning to the selection of quality materials, colours, and finishes, we are here to make you and your family the home you have always wanted.

Guidance Through Every Stage

Need a block of land? We can assist you! We explain the different aspects to consider such as the slope of the block, possible excavation difficulties, soil erosion, drainage factors, as well as family considerations such as location to shops, schools, and transport.

We can work from your plans or help you to design and construct your new home even from the roughest ideas sketched onto a dinner napkin. We construct what you want in your new home, not force you into a set plan.

There is no hard sell, just good guidance from experienced Townsville builders. We can help you to choose everything from landscaping, fencing and driveway options to the correct flooring, block rendering, fixtures, and finishes.

The Home Design You Want

At Reef Coast Constructions we have we an extensive selection of new home designs for you to choose from that are perfectly suited to different budgets and lifestyles. All our house designs can be modified and customised to suit your needs or we can create a completely unique new home design just for you.

Beware the Budget Blowout

It may surprise you to learn that 80% of home designs never get built because they come in over budget. Designers and architects often design homes to a client’s ideas or briefs rather than their home financing limits. While pricing may be discussed with designers, they often have little knowledge of building costs and generally underestimate the cost of a new home build by 50-300%.  This can shatter your dreams of that new home.

Beware the Free Quote Ploy

The words “Free Quote” are often thrown around by home builders to entice potential clients, Quotes and Estimates are two different things. Creating a detailed (and correct!) quote is a time-consuming process for a builder, often taking more than 50 hours to put together. A nominal fee is charged for their time to provide you with a detailed quote for your housing project. A full quote from a professional builder should never be free.  Builders offering free quotes will rush their process and miss out important details for your home, often charging more into the build later, at additional expense to you.

Contract Proposals and Documentation

We present you with a very detailed list of specifications (approximately 20 – 35+ pages) along with a construction schedule. We organise and submit all the required documents and drawings to certifiers and relevant Townsville Council authorities for building approval and construction. Our project management software allows you access to our unique 24/7 online system so you can view progress photos, communicate, and ask questions, and stay well informed on your new home build wherever you are.

It’s Not Just a Handshake, It’s a Promise from Us.

We never receive payment for a construction project and then forget about our clients.  At every stage of the planning and building process, YOU ARE OUR PRIORITY.  All phone calls, messages and emails will be returned within one (1) business day GUARANTEED! and with stringent follow-up procedures to contact our clients within the first three (3) months after a project completion, and secondary check-ins within the first year, you know our commitment to you is serious.

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The process

9½ steps to building your dream home

Whether your enquiry is via our Website, Social Media, Phone or In Person, we aim to work out “How can we best help you design and build your custom new dream home?” We help you by asking important questions relating to building a new home. This allows you to explain to us your vision for your new home. We are then able to understand if we can help you with your requirements. From this conversation, if we are a good fit for each other we will book your free initial consultation. We are then able to provide you with helpful information in preparation for your initial consultation.

We meet in person - this is your time to shine - after all, this is your dream home. We discover more about you and your new home in order to best help you achieve the ideal result. We cover topics including your land, key requirements, timeframe, budget, expectations and more. Together we will work out what will be the best next step to bring your dream new home to reality.

From our discussions we act on your behalf to provide the design information to our highly qualified and licenced building designer. We allow you two rounds of changes to the plan for free as part of our agreement so you can make your design the best it can be. Once your design is just right, you will sign them off and they become your tender set of plans. Your Concept Plan of your home is now designed. You can see it becoming real now.

This is what you have been waiting for your new home construction proposal. This document is more than a quote. It provides you comprehensive and important information about what's included in your new home, what's excluded, the anticipated building schedule and your construction price. Your proposal is presented to you in person and everything is thoroughly explained.

We prepare the Queensland Master Builders suite of contract documents for us both to sign off. These are industry leading contract documents developed specifically for new home construction and are developed by industry legal teams at Master Builders to provide the best for both parties. They are clear and concise documents and provide you with a vast amount of information to ensure your construction phase is an enjoyable experience. You will be issued with your ‘Deposit’ Tax Invoice at the sontract signing. This is a maximum amount of 5% of your new home construction cost. Upon receipt of the deposit payment, we are ready to move to the next step.

We now act on your behalf to prepare your full working drawings and any other items required in preparedness to make application to our private building certifier, local council and any other authorities needed. Once the necessary applications have been made and the stamped approvals received, we are ready to schedule the commencement of your new home. Construction is about to begin.

Construction takes place by our specialist team of trades under the watchful eye of our site supervisor. Each day different trades and activities are taking place. Your new home is hand crafted for you and your family. Under your contract, your home will be broken up into generally, but not always, 5 progress stages for construction.

These are:
• Base Stage - 15%
• Frame Stage – 20%
• Enclosed Stage – 25%
• Fixing Stage – 20%
• Practical Completion – 15%

This is 95% of your contract value as you would have already paid your 5% deposit.

Once construction has been completed your lender receives the Practical Completion Tax Invoice and Form 21. They will arrange for a property valuer to inspect your home on the financier’s behalf to confirm the completion of the home. Once the inspection has been completed, the valuer will provide the financier the relevant information for approval of your Practical Completion Tax Invoice. Once we have received your Practical Completion payment, we can arrange with you a suitable time and date for the Handover to take place.

You are not forgotten by us when you take possession of your new home. We will be checking in with you from time to time to ensure that everything is just how it should be. Your non-structural and structural warranties will have all been explained right from the Preliminary Stage of your journey and again at Handover, but we are never far away. If you notice anything that you are not sure of with your new home, just let us know and we’ll be there to help. You will have been provided with your warranty activation forms for items like cookware and air conditioners at handover. It’s important that you complete these as different items can carry different warranties. You will also have been provided with the contact details of important suppliers and trades so you know who can best help if needed.

Not all projects have variations. In fact, with our process our aim is for there to be no variations. With proper planning, information gathering and the right conversations you can achieve a Fixed Price Contract free of variation issues. You then have certainty about the full investment into your new home. Variations will always be costed for you and require your approval prior to the work commencing and will include the costs for materials, labour, administration and the builder’s markup. Therefore, you are always aware and in control of any financial impact of variations.

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