Our Difference

Custom Built Homes of Prestige and Luxury

Our high-end building materials, finishes, and fittings are the just a few of our standout qualities you will notice when comparing our home builds to your standard local project builders.

Inferior quality materials may shine at the start, or work “good enough” for a while, however, replacement value over time including the parts, labour, and sometimes safety, can far outweigh starting with reliable high-quality products for your home.

Our homes are prime examples of our commitment to craftsmanship. It is not just about the better materials and finishes for your home, it is the level of detail, customisation, and personalisation that we offer that results in us building some of Townsville’s finest residential properties.

Working closely with you and our designer, we can deliver a standard of building design that is unique to our expertise. From conventional to complex building structures, the homes we build represent your personality, lifestyle, and specific needs.

Flexibility and Design Choice

As unique as you! Our goal is to reflect your style and dreams into your new home.  We understand that you have seen the standard home design, have experienced the usual photocopied floor plan, and heard the usual generic sales pitch from bulk home developers promising the world for less than others.

At Reef Coast Constructions we offer extensive variations to existing floor plans and can design new customised homes tailored to your specific wants and needs. Getting creative and offering techniques and innovative building design options, that many cannot achieve, is what we do best. This is how we became Award‑winning custom home builders in the Townsville region.

From concept to completion our passionate building team are dedicated to presenting one‑of‑a‑kind homes. Our beautiful Townsville homes are built to include purpose, personality, and individuality along with characteristics of the tropical North Queensland climate and lifestyle.

Excellence at Every Stage

The highest levels of quality workmanship, materials and service is what has built our reputation within the building and construction industry in Townsville. We are leaders, not followers. We are not concerned with our competitors because simply, we offer a superior custom home with elite building services and processes.

We begin with a guaranteed same day response on any communication we have with our clients. This exceptional communication is delivered throughout the building process, with thorough consultations, and progress updates.  We offer organised site visits to the project site when requested to reassure you that your vison is proceeding as expected towards your ideal home.

Along with your own designated project manager there is a free personalised Online Building Portal that allows you to stay informed on the progress of your new home build, whenever it best suits you. We strive for clarity in all building projects with approvals, designs, budgets, work, and building schedules readily available to you at any time via mobile or tablet.

Spend More - Take Longer

Spend more time

Reading our very comprehensive and detailed quote. No surprises or unforeseen expenses.

In personalised consultations with us, communicating your ideas on your new dream home.

Talking to us during every stage of your new home’s construction process.

Looking at images of your new homes progress throughout the project.

Sleeping well at night knowing your custom home is in the hands of leading industry professionals.

Our priority is to deliver the best service to all our clients; therefore, we are very selective in the number of home building projects we take on. We do not overextend our resources or overwork our tradesmen. This ensures you receive the highest attention to detail possible from our specialised and focused builders.

Informative Decisions

Architects, designers, trades people, engineers and the council can at times use industry terminology that can be hard to interpret. We supply you with information and honest, plain English building advice so you can make the right choices for your needs. We understand there are many difficult decisions to be made when considering building a new home, that is why we make it as comfortable and stress free as possible.


Choosing a volume or bulk development builder limits customisation options to your home. This means you can only make minimal alterations to existing home design plans and are generally predetermined by the builder with restrictions. At Reef Coast Constructions when designing and building your custom new home we use a collaborative process and inform you of all the options to make your ideas a reality.

Keep in mind

What is Not Included?

  • A generic, volume designed home without style that you cannot differentiate from your neighbours.
  • Inferior quality building materials and fixtures that do not last the test of time.
  • Surprise costing, vague quotes, or open-ended building budgets.
  • Builders, tradesmen, and project managers that are too busy to get back to you in a timely manner.
  • Hard sell techniques, a quick handshake, and a pat on the back as the salesman walks you out the door.

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