Builder’s Pricing Trick

05 Jul

Have you ever searched for house designs online or collected brochures from display centres? Did you compare the prices listed?

Well, before you set your heart on a particular design, please understand it may actually end up…

Costing you a LOT more

You see, many builders tempt you with low initial prices. But when you read the fine print, you suddenly realise the beautiful inclusions in the brochures cost more. A lot more.

It’s not uncommon for a $300,000 house (list price) to actually cost you $350,000 or more as a finished home. For example, the display home and photos in the brochure may include extras that are not included in the list price. Things like…

  • Premium LED lighting and stylish fittings
  • Plush carpet and imported tiles
  • Ornate ceiling cornices
  • Upscale double front door
  • Upgraded stone bench tops
  • Premium security screens
  • Outdoor entertaining area (tiled and roofed)
  • Extra exposed aggregate paths & driveway
  • Designer landscaping
  • And much more

As you start to add these things into your finished house, the price will go up and up. Make a few design changes – a bigger room, a longer driveway, a concrete path to the clothes line – and you could find yourself paying $50,000-$100,000 more.

Avoid disappointment. Ask your builder for the COMPLETE price. And don’t get a shock when it’s thousands more than the list price.

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