How to find a Builder you can trust!

05 Jul

When talking to clients, one of their biggest concerns about choosing a builder to build their new home is, finding one that they can trust!

When working with a custom home builder, you could be dealing with them for a long period of time. This can range somewhere between 6 to 18 months from your initial design to the completion of your home. A whole lot of decisions need to be made as you are investing so much in the way of money, time and emotion. So, it is critical that the professional that you are dealing with is trustworthy!

So how can you find a builder that you can trust with your new home?

Research! Find a builder who specialises in what you are after. If it is a custom home you are after, rather than a ‘run of the mill’ project home, then look for a custom home building specialist.

Ensure you investigate the background of the builder. Are they respected within the industry? Are they well established? Ensure they have a valid licence to build. Ask around, what do people say about the builder? Read their Testimonials, what was the experience of previous clients like?

Choosing a small builder to build your new home will help to develop a more personal approach and allow you to develop a reciprocal relationship built on trust. Smaller builders choose to limit the number of homes they build which enables them to focus on the service and quality of the homes that they deliver. Prioritising quality over quantity enables the builder to dedicate more time to each individual home and family.

A builder who builds in Townsville and also has grown up and lives in Townsville has a reputation to uphold. A trustworthy builder will take pride in their business and can hold their head high when walking down the street. A builder who cannot be trusted may find it difficult to build and live in the same locality fearful of running into clients. So ask the question, “Are they local to the area?”

A key to developing trust is choosing a builder who communicates effectively. Do they return calls? Do they listen to your ideas? Do they know your fears in relation to building? And how do they communicate, how are your conversations recorded?

A builder with a project management system in place has the capacity to document your conversations, answer your questions and display a clear schedule for the construction of your new home.

By following the online construction schedule clients are able to clearly see who is working on their home and when.

Management systems also allow clients to keep track of the budget throughout the entire build of their new home, so there are no nasty surprises or budget blowouts at the end. Transparency is the key to developing a trusting partnership with your chosen builder and this can be achieved through the use of a project management system.

So if finding a builder that you can trust is high on your list of priorities, consider the items we have just discussed.  Choose a specialist custom new home builder and ask them about their structure and systems.

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