The Advantages of Working With A Custom Home Builder

03 Jul


A Custom New Home Builder specialises in the design and construction of custom new homes.  A custom design will always help you achieve the best home for your budget, lifestyle, location, timeframe and of course, most importantly your family.  A Custom New Home Builder doesn’t just rinse and repeat the same house plan over and over with the same inclusions.  Every new home is specifically tailored to your needs through a structured process so that we are all working together as a team to achieve the best outcome for you and turn your dream into reality.


By working together with a Custom Home Builder you will be so much more involved from day one.  During the Preliminary Process your builder will arrange a series of meetings with you to ensure all of the important information needed is communicated between you and your builder.  You will be making choices on the design layout for your home, the types of inclusions, fixtures and fittings and any options you would like to have priced so you can make informed decisions on exatly the final makup of your new home.


A Specialist Custom New Home Builder will be able to provide exceptional levels of communication to you.

  • You will meet with your builder right at the beginning of your journey.
  • You will meet directly with your builder during the preliminary process.
  • You will be one of only a few new homes being constructed at the same time.
  • You will receive personal supervision of your home during construction.
  • You will be invited to site meetings to inspect different stages of the works.
  • You will have 24/7 access to your new home through an online portal.

Custom designed plans

A Custom New Home Builder will use a specialist and qualified Building Designer to bring your new home plan to life.  They will take into account factors including orientation, morning and afternoon sun locations for summer and winter, prevailing breezes, passive ventilation and airflow, architectural features and more so that your final design is functional, aethetically appealing and all about you and your family.

Most builders will have pre-designed plans available, however, for a custom home builder these are regarded as a starting point only for an indication of floor plan layouts and facades for different types of homes.  They can be a good resource to help in the design of your custom new home plan as there may be snippets of different plans that you like so that it becomes easier to get the right information across to your builder for ensuring your custom new plan is just right.  Eg: you may like the way the Master Suite is layed out in one plan, but you like the way the Living area opens to the Outdoor Patio area on another.

By communicating this information with your builder, you will be helping to design your perfect new home and not having to settle for almost right or close enough.  So whether you just want to modify some wall locations, size of rooms or change facades on an existing plan or start completely from scratch.  Your custom design is about tailoring not only the plan but all aspects of the build specifically to you so that you and your family can move into you dream home.


A Custom New Home Builder will provide you with a far more personal service standard than a volume project type builder.

  • You will meet with your builder from the start, not a salesperson.
  • You will carry out your preliminary process meetings directly with your builder.
  • You will meet your personal project supervisor and have direct contact with them throughout your build.  You will be invited to attend site inspection meetings with your project supervisor so you can see the progress of the work first hand.
  • You will have 24/7 access to your new home construction through our online communication portal.
  • You will meet your builder and supervisor on site when your home reaches practical completion so that you can see your home will be the best it can at handover.
  • You will meet with your builder and supervisor for handover so that you will see your dream become reality.


Custom designed and constructed homes will provide you with far better value than a standard project home.  Your home is specific to you in design, inclusions and fixtures and fittings.  Because of this, a custom home builder will only charge you for the work related to your new home.  To do this, your builder will engage specialist trades and suppliers to apply quotations to the different scopes of work and materials for your home.  This is why the time is invested in producing your best design with your chosen inclusions in the preliminary process.  You don’t get a square metre rate, a cheap starting price or an estimate, you get a fully costed proposal for your home so that you have the peace of mind that everything has been allocated in your fixed price with no hidden charges or unforeseen variations.


A Custom Home Builder assigns the different scopes of work to specialist trades in order to construct your new home.  Your home will not be constructed by just anyone, but a team of highly skilled tradespeople with the same values as the builder.  For these trades, your home is not just a job, but a representation of their skills, standards and each of them personally.  Your home is hand crafted by these skilled tradespeople using the best mateial selections to bring your dream to reality so that you can provide shelter, security and lifestyle to your family.

Types of Build

A Custom Home Builder is equally adept at designing and building on standard development sites or complex sites like sloping blocks.  Either single storey or two storey homes.  This is because the process a custom home builder follows works every time no matter the site conditions or the build type.  You will work with your builder from day one through a structured Preliminary Process and Custom Building Process to ensure that every facet of your new home design and land requirements has been taken into account so that the final fixed price of your home is exactly what it needs to be.

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