You could get sued if you do this

05 Jul

Your House Design

When shopping around for a builder, it’s tempting to compare plans and ask for quotes from different builders for the same plan. If your plan was prepared by your building designer, that’s usually fine.

Although your building designer owns the copyright, he or she will usually give you access to the plan through a ‘license’. But more often than not, people take a plan from one builder and ask a different builder to quote on that plan.

In Australia as an example. In their Information Sheet G017v09 January 2012, the Australian Copyright Council goes as far as to say this:

“If you decide not to build from that plan, it is advisable not to show that plan to anyone you subsequently ask to draw a new plan for you. If the second person does see the earlier plan there may be an inference that that person has consciously or subconsciously copied original elements of the earlier plan.”

With building designers and builders eager to protect their intellectual property, this can quickly escalate into a legal battle.

This is a tricky area that can cause you a lot of grief and wasted time and money.

But it’s easily avoided. Call me on 07 4778 2074 and we can help you develop a house plan you will absolutely love.

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